The Evacsak is THE small animal evacuation carrier, designed to be the fastest most reliable option for first responders, shelters and pet parents to rescue any small animal from dangerous or life-threatening situations. It is compact, lightweight, durable and hands-free. It is an essential part of ALL emergency evacuation/preparedness plans.

First Responders

As first responders, you come to the rescue of all our loved ones including our pets! 


The Evacsak provides a better more effective solution for rescuing the animals we all love & cherish! 

Thank You For All You Do!

Pet PArents

As pet parents, we all want the best for our pets. Having a plan for any emergency situation or disaster is key. 

Get peace of mind with the Evacsak & know that if the worst happens you'll be ready to evacuate your pets at any given moment! 

Animal Shelters




Animal shelters at any given time have dozens of animals that are rescued & housed.


The Evacsak is an essential tool for any emergency situation or evacuation where you don't have the time to put all your animals in their carry crates. 

Get peace of mind from any disaster your shelter might face!


The Evacsak product line is proudly made in the USA