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Finding Siamese Algae Eater Fish for your Fish Tank

The Siamese algae eater fish are pretty looking fish and useful additions to any aquarium, but it is important that you need to choose the algae fish wisely.

Algae is a common side product and is caused usually by a build-up of nitrates present in the water. In order to stop the growth of the algae, you need to treat the algae.

It is easy to treat algae, where you can do the regular water change once a week or you can place the Siamese algae eater fish in your fish aquarium.

Depending on the size of your fish tank, you can have some algae-eating fish so that you can keep your fish tank clean with fresh water. It is also worth it to keep some other types of algae eaters to deal with the different types of algae. So once you decide to place algae-eating fish tanks you can consider using some snails or shrimps like the amano shrimp to deal with other kinds of algae. 

The Siamese algae eater fish grows up to 5 inches in length and this species ideally needs to be kept in pairs in your fish tank that is of minimum 25 gallons of weight. This kind of fish species mostly fits with community tanks and eats both brush and thread algae off decorations and plants without eating the plants.

The Siamese algae eater fish have a healthy appetite and they are not fussy eaters where they help in cleaning up your fish tank and this species mostly rests in the bottom of the fish tank.

Tips on taking care of Siamese algae eater fish

Compared to other kinds of algae eaters such as chinese, the Siamese algae eater fish is found to be the best and excellent species for the community tanks. Moreover, these algae eater fish species have peaceful temperaments and quite frequently ignore the activities of the fish present in the upper levels. 

  • The Siamese algae eater fish should not be grown along with the long-flowing fins fish like bettas and angelfish where this is because they are reputed fin nippers. 
  • Unlike other kinds of dwelling species, Siamese fish does not exhibit signs of territorial aggression towards the conspecifics in which you can grow multiple fish species in your fish tank. 
  • The algae present in your fish tank alone will not provide adequate food to your fish but the dried algae sheets, algae pellets, and sinking food wafers will help the Siamese algae eater fish to receive enough food to keep them full of vigor and health. 
  • In order to keep your algae eater healthy you can also feed them with leafy vegetables like spinach and lettuce where make excellent supplemental food items in promoting the healthy growth of your algae eater. 
  • The most important thing which you need to consider is the living condition of the algae eater. Surprisingly this hard species can adapt to a multitude of living conditions so you no need to worry about the living conditions and temperature. 
  • Siamese algae eater thrives in softer water with the neutral to slightly acid pH factor level that ranges from 5.5-8.0 which is considered to be an ideal safe one to the algae eater. It prefers the water temperature between 75-79F in which when you are using well-circulated water with plenty of flow and high oxygen content will help in simulating the natural habitat of the Siamese. 

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When you are following the above Siamese algae eater care tips then you can make your species grow healthy. In general the female and male Siamese algae eater fish look very similar in appearance. In which the female algae eater fish species tend to be a little more rounded than the male one and these species make rare breeds in home aquariums.

 Nowadays most of the fish aquarium centers and in-home aquariums are found to be using the algae fish-eater where this species helps in keeping the fish tank with the freshwater by eating the algae and other food items.

The Siamese algae eater fish are found to be an important one for your fish tank because they help in keeping your tank clean and tidy and it also found to be the calm species that do not fight with the other kinds of fish species.

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If you are interested in keeping algae eater in your fish tank or aquarium, then consider buying the best algae eater species depending on your fish tank size.

It is best to have the Siamese algae eater in your fish tank compared to other algae eaters because this species is found to be an excellent one in all factors. Moreover, it is found to be a great algae eater fish species suitable for the community tanks.

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FISH BASE: Gyrinocheilus aymonieri (Tirant, 1883) Siamese algae-eater

INJAF: The Algae Eater Debate

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