The EVACSAK PRO PAK is designed for repeated use in animal shelters, veterinary clinics, veterinary schools, animal boarding, animal daycare centers, etc... Ideal for evacuation support where multiple animals are housed and community disaster response. 

Evacsak Pro Pak (6)

  • The EVACSAK PRO Pak is designed for the repeated use at animal shelters, veterinary hospital, veterinary schools, animal boarding establishments, pet daycare establishments, etc... 


    The EVACSAK PRO Pak includes 6 Evacsak Carriers, delivered in a water resistant, clear, stackable tote along with use / care instructions. These emergency carriers are made of a heavyweight, sturdy mesh fabric that offers ample ventilation while the specific colors and reflective components add visibility for the rescuer and comfort for the pet. The reliable, nylon handles and ample shoulder strap aid in loading and transfering animals from one person to another. The cord, cordlock and safety clamp provide a secure closure. Each Evacsak Carrier accommodates one dog, cat, reptile or caged bird. Holds up to 40#. Colors may vary.


    Each EVACSAK PRO Pak includes six (6) Evacsak carriers and one storage tote. The EVACSAK PRO Pak carriers are "field-ready".


The Evacsak product line is proudly made in the USA