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Prazipro Review – UPDATED 2021 – Praziquantel For Fish

It takes some effort to keep your fish tank clean between food, algae and other organisms growing inside. This prazipro review will show you how tested-and-tried treatments provide an effective way to create an environment in which your fish can survive while staying healthy.

Prazipro is a fish treatment that is specially designed to keep your finned friends and their habitat parasite-free. In this review, we take a closer look at this product’s uses and benefits.

Prazipro Review – UPDATED 2021

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Designed to offer hobbyists an excellent way to control the growth of unwanted parasites in freshwater or marine aquariums or ponds, Prazipro is a ready-to-use liquid concentrate that is safe and effective for parasite control.

It is the world’s first ready-to-use praziquantel treatment intended to keep your fish free of diseases. 

Hikari is a leading player in the field of aquatic health and nutrition and is actively involved in studying the needs of fish in artificial aquatic settings and natural environments to help them thrive.

This prazipro review explains how the product delivers rapid and effective control without any negative impact on the external or internal filter.


  • Ready-to-use praziquantel concentrate treatment scientifically proven to be effective. 
  • Effective at treating potentially harmful parasitic conditions caused by flatworms, tapeworms, flukes and turbellarians. 
  • Useful as preventative to keep the tanks parasite-free and safe at any time.
  • No negative effect on aquarium animals and plants and does not impact the filtration.
  • Ideal for use in all types of aquatic environments including marine and freshwater aquariums and ponds. 

Prazipro also works best when used before using Ich-X treatment for fish diseases. The product is available in various size options to suit the environment to be treated.

It is available in 1 Oz, 4 Oz and 16 Oz options for an aquarium and 16 Oz, 32 Oz and gallon sizes for pond treatment. 

Praziquantel For Fish – What You Should Know?

praziquantel for fish

Praziquantel is primarily used for parasitic worm infections in mammals and can be used in aquariums and ponds.

It is a safe and effective treatment for gill flukes and skin flukes in ornamental fish like goldfish and koi and tropical fish generally kept in aquariums. It is also effective at treating tapeworms in fish. 

It is different from other medications as it is safe for plants, gentle on fish and does not have any negative impact on filtration. Praziquantel should be dissolved in water to kill different types of parasites.

However, it is hard to dissolve and makes it difficult to use. Liquid praziquantel is an excellent solution to using this medicine efficiently. 

A prolonged immersion is recommended for the treatment of flukes in fish. You simply add the medication into the aquarium or pond and leave it to act.

This is a great way to treat parasites because if one of your fish has parasites, others may have it too. Moreover, treating the habitat this way will help get rid of any organisms hiding inside the filter or other parts of the tank.

A single treatment is sufficient for treating skin flukes though body flukes need at least two treatments at an interval of 4-5 days. Gill flukes reproduce by giving birth to young ones.

Eggs being immune to medications, the first treatment may not kill eggs. A second treatment makes sure the next generation of flukes is also killed after they hatch. 

Prazipro For Ich – Getting Started

Using Prazipro for Ich in freshwater and marine aquariums and ponds is quite simple. You can get started with a bath treatment with new water or a water change.

The water should first be conditioned using a combination of Stress-X and ClorAm-X to eliminate chlorine, ammonia and chloramines.

There is no need to stop the filtration but remove any charcoal or carbon from the canister filter or pond. You should also stop the ultraviolet clarifier. 

There is no need to bypass the biological filter as well. Shake the liquid well before use and add the required dose to the pond or tank.

To ensure proper distribution, put the right amount at the edge of the tank or straight into the filter box. One treatment of Prazipro lasts for 5-7 days and is enough to treat the fish.

You can repeat the treatment after 4-5 days if necessary. Prazipro can also be used as a preventative for ich when there is a likelihood of disease. 

Prazipro Dosage – How Much Prazipro Per Gallon?


The dosage depends on the size of the tank or quantity of the water. Using the right dosage of Prazipro is important to achieve the best results for controlling parasites in your fish.

As stated above, you can add 5ml of PRAZIPRO i.e., one teaspoon of it in a 20-gallon tank. This prazipro review touches on the dosage briefly for your convenience.


1 oz. = This helps in treating 120 gallons of water

4 oz. = This helps in treating 480 gallons of water

16 oz. = This helps in treating 1,920 gallons of water


16 oz. = This helps in treating 3,200 gallons of water

The recommended dosage is 1 teaspoon per 20 gallons of water you want to treat. Prazipro for ponds should be used at a dose of 1 teaspoon per 32 gallons of water. Using this quantity makes sure you get a concentration of 2.5mg per liter. 

Prazipro is available in a variety of sizes to choose from. You can get the size that best suits your pond or tank.

1 Oz product treats up to 120 gallons of water, 4 Oz treats up to 480 gallons while 16 Oz is effective at up to 1920 gallons of water to keep the fish free of parasitic infections.

Prazipro should be used in the recommended dosage for the desired results. It should not be used with other disease treatments or drugs. It can also cause temporary foaming. 


Aimed at offering an effective solution for aquarium hobbyists looking to treat their fish for internal and external parasites, Prazipro is a safe and easy-to-use medication that kills various types of organisms to keep the fish healthy and thriving.

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