Pothos In Aquarium

Pothos In Aquarium-A Great Treat for your Fish

Pothos in aquarium is a great treat for your fish. Decorating an aquarium is not only fun but an art in itself. We have seen that people who like to keep fish love to spend a great deal of time decorating their aquarium, a task also referred to as aquascaping.

The products for decorating are available in so many varieties and qualities providing a great opportunity for fish-keeping enthusiasts to spice up their aquariums. While some people use artificial products others believe in using organic or real items for their aquarium.

If you are the sort who would use real products then this article is for you, for we are here to suggest and explain all about the pothos in aquarium.

Pothos In Aquarium

Pothos in Aquarium- What is Pothos ?

A plant that belongs to the family of the arum species is a plant found in the Eastern regions and is one of the most beautiful plants to be used for decoration in the aquarium.

It is a trailing, leafy plant that grows up to 40 feet in the wild as well as indoors. Not just that, this plant comes with a set of natural benefits which will eventually be favourable for your fishes and their healthy environment as well.

This plant has various names such as hunter’s robe, and ivy arum but is most commonly referred to as the devil’s ivy.

So we suggest you try pothos for your freshwater fish today!

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pothos in aquarium

What are the different varieties of this plant ?

This plant comes in a variety of colours and types which can enhance the beauty of your aquarium so here are a few varieties of this plant:

  • Cebu blue pothos – this type does not show vegetation on its leaves. The leaves are arrow-shaped and blue-green. The leaves can grow vastly if kept in proper conditions for a long length of time.
  • Pearl and jade pothos – this plant has green leaves and vegetation with silver-grey. The vegetation is more prominent in the corners rather than the middle and is very appealing to the eyes.
  • Manjula pothos – this plant has heart-shaped leaves and is variegated with shades of light green, silver and cream, especially around the middle. The design of the leaves may vary though.
  • Neon pothos – this pothos has heart-shaped leaves that are primarily golden yellow. If you are looking for a bright plant then this is your choice. Keynote is that the young neon pothos is brighter in comparison to the older ones.
  • Golden pothos – the most ideal pothos type, this plant is heart-shaped and green in colour with a splash of gold. This is more idealistic because the leaves can grow big to provide optimum shade. The leaves can grow to an extent of 12 inches if kept in optimum conditions.

Pick your pothos type carefully and make your aquarium a beautiful and natural living space for your fish!

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Aquarium Bee: Pothos in An Aquarium – Things You Must Know About Devil’s Ivy at a Glance!

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