King Betta vs Giant Betta

King Betta Vs Giant Betta

King bettas and giant bettas are two different types of betta fish.

Giant bettas are a type of selectively bred Plakat and grow up to between 3 and 7 inches in length.

On the other hand, King bettas are a type of hybrid Plakat and only grow to around 3 inches long, making them slightly larger than the regular betta fish.

This article discusses focuses on king betta vs giant betta.

King Betta Vs Giant Betta

Comparison Table (Similarities)

 King BettaGiant Betta
Size3-7 inches in lengthAbout 3 inches in length
ColorRed, green, blue, marbleRed, green, blue, marble
Natural habitat Not available in the wild populationNot available in the wild population
BreedingBubble nest builder, egg-layerMouthbrooders, egg-layer 
Life spanAround 3 to 5 yearsAround 3 years

King Betta Vs. Giant Betta Food and Diet

Wild bettas are mainly carnivorous, and they feed on insects, insects’ larvae, and small aquatic worms.

However, in captivity, you can feed your Giant or King betta with a simple high-protein diet such as betta pellets, betta flakes, and frozen foods. You can also feed your bettas live foods such as brine shrimps, bloodworms, and daphnia.

Be careful not to overfeed your betta since overeating can lead to potentially severe digestive issues that might be fatal to your fish. Ideally, it’s recommended to feed your betta fish twice a day, providing them only with what they can consume in a couple of minutes.

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Can King Betta or Giant Betta Live in a Community Tank?

Wild bettas are both non-community and non-schooling fish. They live alone except during the spawning period.

Similarly, domesticated betta fish don’t suffer from loneliness, as long as you include plenty of declarations, toys, and live plants in your aquarium to keep the fish busy and interested.

You can also include some peaceful bottom-dwellers that will not compete with your betta for food and territory, such as Khuli loaches or Corydoras catfish. And for added interest, you can put invertebrates such as shrimp and snails in your aquarium.

Avoid putting colored fish species with trailing fins with your bettas since they can likely cause issues.

King betta and regular betta have few differences, particularly in appearance. As such, it’s quite easy to confuse the two.

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Comparison Table (Differences)

 King BettaRegular Betta
Scientific NameBetta splendens regenBetta splendens
Maximum Size3 inches3 inches
Care LevelModerateModerate
Breed TypeEgg-layerEgg-layer
Minimum Tank SizeAt least 5 gallonsAt least 5 gallons
Average Lifespan2 to 3 years2 to 5 years

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FAQs on King Betta vs Giant Betta

What Are the Differences Between King and Regular Betta Fish?

The primary difference between a king and a regular betta is that a male King betta is more likely to grow larger than a regular betta. However, there is not much difference between the two, and they appear to be almost the same.

What Is Regular Betta Fish Best For?

Regular betta fish are generally calm and don’t require as much space as other types of fish.

In addition, they can withstand a lot when it comes to their water conditions, which means you can put them together with other fish with slightly different requirements than them.

However, it’s imperative to be careful about their aggression. Male bettas are very aggressive, making them unsuitable for novice aquarists.

What Is King Betta Best For?

In their native Thailand, King betta fish are used for fighting and have been inbred for super-aggression. Furthermore, their broad tail and short fins make them faster and more agile swimmers than regular bettas.

Biggest Betta Fish in the World

The giant betta is one of the biggest and most popular species of betta fish. A giant betta fish is a result of selective breeding.

Is the Giant Betta Suitable for My Aquarium?

The giant betta fish needs to be in a tank of its own rather than part of a shared aquarium. But regardless of its size, most fish-keeping enthusiasts like this species due to its magnificent appearance and dazzling colors.

Provided your aquarium meets all its requirements, you can happily keep a giant betta in your tank.

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