How to Make Your Betta Fish Like You

How to Make Your Betta Fish Like You

While a Betta may not show love to their owner as a cat or dog would express affection, they will manifest a clear interest and affiliation towards its owners. Betta fish are known to have good memories and can remember people even if they have not seen them for a while.

In addition, they can remember the layout of their tank and where the plants or decorations were before you moved them.

Due to these abilities, Betta can eventually develop a bond with its owners. So, the more you interact with your Betta, the more you will strengthen the bond between the two of you. It’s also healthy for your Bettasince lack of stimulation may cause stress or depression.

Here is how to make your betta fish like you for instance growing a bond with your Betta etc.

How to Make Your Betta Fish Like You

white and goldfish
Betta fish

1. Offer a Proper Home

Although Bettas can survive in small cozy water bodies, such as a vase or cup, they want much water to call home.

Betta fish like quite a little space to swim around, so you should choose a tank that holds at least 3-10 gallons. This may seem like a large tank for a single Betta, but you are more likely to have a happy and healthy pet fish this way.

In addition, ensure your tank is heated to between 76-80 degrees Fahrenheit and have a simple filter that does not shock the water too much (Bettas prefer calm water). Also, keep the tank clean and replace the water regularly.

2. Feed Your Betta Proper Diet

Betta fish typically do well with a specific diet, containing three major foods: baby brine shrimp, bloodworms, and Betta fish pellets.

Feeding you Betta twice a day with 3-4 pellets or 6-7 shrimp/bloodworms should be enough. Betta fish will overeat when given the opportunity, which is harmful to their health.

They can also suffer from constipation, which is often alleviated by feeding your Betta a single thawed cup-up frozen pea.

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blue and white fish in water
Betta Fish

3. Play with your Betta

Tapping a fish tank is a normal human reaction, but you should avoid this since it can cause unhealthy shock to your Betta. Instead, slide your fingers along the glass and observe your fish reaction.

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Your Betta will likely start climbing over your finger and even follow it as it slides along the tank wall.

Betta fish also love coming to the surface, so bouncing toys or any other harmless object can be an excellent idea for playtime. Floating ping-pong balls can be extremely fun, but first, make sure they are clean.

4. Be a Friend

The best way to strengthen your affiliation with a Betta is to treat it like a real friend. Visit when your pet fish is happy, stressed out, sad, sick, healthy, or flying out. Developing a bond with any creature including fish, takes effort, openness, care, and patience.

5. Train your Betta

As with most animals, the promise of a treat can be a strong motivation for your Betta training. Your fishy companion can learn a few fun tricks with practice and patience.

Teach your Betta to feed on your fingers by placing your digits closer to where you pour the food pellets. Place your fingers there until the Betta takes the food from them. Your Betta is also likely to jump out of the water to take food from other fingers.

The lure of food bait can also teach your Betta fish how to swim or jump through the hoops. With practice and patience, you can also be able to teach your Betta how to push that ping-pong ball its plays with into a net.

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6. Give a Name to your Betta and Talk to it

It’s difficult to grow a bond with any nameless animal, including fish, so find a name that suits the personality of your new fishy friend. Internet is populated with fish names, so if you need help, you can find suggestions from there.

Betta fish are pretty sensitive to the water vibrations caused by sounds such as human voice, which some take as meaning your pet fish can learn to recognize your voice and their names. See whether you can trigger a typical response by calling your Betta’s name every time you visit.

7. Give Your Betta Visual Stimulation

Moving the fish tank is a great way to change the scenery, but even just regularly gazing at your Betta gives it something new to focus on and, over time, recognize.

Male Bettas are known for flaring their fins in response to another Betta encountering when seeing their reflection in a mirror. However, Bettas can be timid or frightened by their own reflection, so use a toy mirror with due limits.

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Frequently Asked Questions on How to Make Your Better Fish Like You

Do Betta Fish Recognize Their Owner?

Surprisingly, a Betta is capable of recognizing its owner’s face even when the owner is standing with other people by the tank. It’s normal for a Betta to swim to the front of the tank when the owner comes near it.

The fish often associate their owner with food and playtimes, so the more you interact with your Betta, the more likely they will recognize you.

Do Betta Fish Enjoy Music?

Unfortunately, no evidence states whether Betta fish enjoy music. Bettas have the ability to hear and recognize certain voices, but that does not mean they like music.

However, since sound is amplified through the aquarium glass, avoid playing too loud music close to your fish tank since you may cause damage to your Betta even without realizing it.
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Why Does My Betta Stare at Me?

Betta fish are sensitive to movement and will be conscious of any activity outside of their tank. Over time, they develop a strong connection with their owner and start to associate your presence with food.

Spending more time with your Betta will help you understand their behavior better and determine whether they are hungry or just bored and need attention.

Although they often prefer to live alone, Betta fish are friendly creatures that can get easily bored or unhealthy if they lack regular stimulation.

So, a Betta can become more of a companion than just a magnificent creature in a tank. With proper care and frequent interaction, you can grow a healthy bond with your Betta.

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