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How long do betta fish live?

How long do betta fish live?

” How long do betta fish live ?” is a fairly common question.  Betta fish live, the average lifespan of a betta fish  is about 3 years. Betta fish are common and are ideal for for both starters and experienced hobbyists. The betta fish tails and colors vary, right from Crowntail Betta to the Veiltail Betta. Most farmers will look for male betta because they are easily attached to the fishlets.

When buying betta fish,take all precautions to ensure you by healthy stock. Do not buy a pale fish, this is a sign of disease. Take care again not to buy bettas with ragged fins. Check out the eyes.T hey have to be clear and not bulging.So ,before buying bettas for keeping at home as a pet,make sure you check any sign of disease. To determine whether the fish is healthy,when you touch the glass, it becomes active quickly responding and making movements and getting playful. It should display some sense of hyperactivity.

The lifespan of a betta fish

Betta fish life span depends very on how you take care of your fish, although factors such as the genetics of the fish may come into play. It may be in the captivity or in the wild. When you keep betta fish in captivity,so long as you take good care of it can live an average of 3 years.You should note that not all of them can live the same number of years.

For male betta fish,they are sold in pet stores at the age of one year after having fully developed their fins and colors. Female betta fish can be bought at the age of 6 months. Despite the fact that the female betta fish grows or matures faster,most fish farmers prefer keeping male betta fish because of their shiny and attractive colors. The captive betta fish habitat for since are bought at the age range of 6 months- 1 year, probably, they can live up to 2-2 and a half years.

Alternatively, betta fish life span may go up to 4 or 5 years provided that they are kept in large tanks and well cared for. You may also keep your betta fish in the wild.For the wild habitat, bettas live in shallow freshwater such as ponds, streams,rice paddies and canals. These fish originated from Cambodia and Thailand, though are presently very popular in Singapore regions, Brazil and Malaysia.

Betta fish life span in the wild habitat is short as compared to those in captivity.The reason is because,wild water is never regulated thus, water may overflow, easily polluted either by human beings or other land and sea animals. Polluted and unregulated water damages the food sources and plants.Finally,the life span of the fish is reduced In the wild habitat,male bettas are hostile, always fight and regular fighting automatically shortens their survival. Since these fish live in ponds or canals,they do share the aquarium unlike captive fish which are kept separately. The wild bettas are known as ,”Siamese Fighting Fish” because of their frequent fight and easily comes to get attached to any fish that comes along them.

There are things you can do to improve the lives of a betta fish.You can feed them well. This doesn’t mean that you overfeed them because overfeeding may lead to a disease known as hepatic lipidosis. You also need to keep the tank water clean by regularly  replacing the water, especially if the tank is not aerated.

How long do betta fish live

The ideal temperature for Betta Fish Water

The betta fish needs an ideal temperature range of 78-80°F which is the most optimal. The fish can also survive in the temperature range of between 78-86°F (22-30°C) although they can’t be comfortable. Betta fish living in tropical areas still demand warm water habitat that they are addicted to. To keep the betta fish at an optimal or ideal temperature, you first need to have a fish tank heater useful I Making the aquarium water warm.Secondly,the thermometer will be efficient in measuring the temperature for the optimal one.

The bettas are usually sensitive to the tremendous temperature changes,low to high or high to low. The temperature changes has to be adjusted slowly taking some days to reach the minimum temperature required. This gives your fish a better survival without stress.When you change the gallon water,you have to therefore keep in mind that the replaced water is as same temperature as the initial one.

Fish that can live with bettas

Betta Fish, commonly known as the ,”Siamese Fighting Fish” are very harsh. They love fighting as their nature especially the male ones. For that reason, you’ll find that most fish farmers keep them differently in captivity.

Despite their nature, they are meant to live at peace with other fish. Compatible fish for bettas include, Cloud Minnows,, Neon Tetra,Ember Tetra and Harlequin Rasbora. Other fish that can live with betta includes; Cherry Shrimps and Zebra Snails  live peacefully with betta fish.

Cherry Shrimps are good companions for betas because they are not noticeable and good for hiding. Cherry Shrimps are also valuable because they breed rapidly and have hard shells.

Nerite snails are also compatible to the betta fish in a way that they are able to eat the algae too,are tiny and rarely reproduce like other fresh water classes.

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