"The Evacsak is an essential part of our clinic's emergency plan. There would be no better way to evacuate multiple pets quickly." 

Orchard Hills Veterinary Clinic

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“Recently, one of our fosters experienced a fire alarm in her apartment building. Luckily, it was a false alarm and all were safe! But she found herself with a problem - how does she safely evacuate herself, her own pets and her fosters? This led to many fosters banding together and discussing how they prepare for disasters that may occur in their area. While some suggested to use pillow cases when in a bind, one fantastic item that was suggested was an "EVACSAK." If your carriers are hidden away in storage or you just can not carry that many cats and carriers, take a look at this great item:"

Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue

Foster-Based Rescue Vancouver B.C.

“In my car, I keep chains, jumper cables and an Evacsak because you never know what type of situation you're going to come across. It tends to be feral cats that I come across more often than snow so the Evacsak is the most used emergency device in my car.” 

Christopher Little

Pet Parent and Rescuer

“The Evacsak is a "must have" when you travel in an RV, with small pets, like I do. My Evacsaks are hanging on a nearby hook, ready to use in case we have to get out quick. A great investment that could safe your pets' life.” 

Margaret Wallace

Full time RVer and mom to four fur-kids

“The Evacsak is one of the greatest things ever invented and I am telling people all the time that they should have one for each cat that they own.” 

Terri Crisp

Author and Long-time Rescuer

“Please remember your pets as you gather supplies for an emergency go kit! An Evacsak is a great addition for your small critters."

Lincoln County Sheriff's Office


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The Evacsak product line is proudly made in the USA