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freshwater fish for sale

Where to Find Freshwater Fish for Sale

Aquariums make our homes aesthetically better while giving us something to be busy about. Freshwater fish are a popular choice with a wide variety of species that are easy to maintain and spice up your aquarium.

From being hardy, easy to take care of, and can peacefully interact with other species, freshwater fish tend to be perfect for aquariums. The question we intend to answer is where does one acquire the perfect freshwater fish, and which is the best species both for beginners and experts?

The best way to buy freshwater fish is by contacting lookup shops stocking them and ask for a list of their recommendations.

Based on preferences such as size, feeding habits, price, and how hardy the fish is, you can make an informed decision on the freshwater fish you love. We advise you to pick on either of the following five species as they have proven valuable choices.

Freshwater water fish
Fresh Water Fish

Popular  Freshwater Fish 

Neon Tetra

Neon tetra 1

If you are looking for a calm and peaceful species to complement your tank, then Neon Tetra is perfect for you. Not to mention just how inexpensive and easy to feed the fish is.

For these tremendous attributes, it is, in fact, the best-selling fish in the world.

With a maximum length of only 2.2cm, the small and thin omnivorous fish will fit perfectly in any tank.

It tends to be dominantly blue with a bright red stripe running down its body. Just to note that it is quite tough to breed this species at a home aquarium unless you have a different breeding tank.

This species loves to be kept in groups and will thrive best in tanks sized 10+ gallons that have hiding places such as plants, rocks, and decorations.



Add some color and liveliness to your tank with the robust guppies. They make it to the top lists of beginners as they can thrive under varying water conditions hence very easy to take care of.

Almost every aquarist confesses to having kept or is keeping guppies in their tank, probably because of its inexpensiveness and peaceful nature.

With an omnivore diet, guppies can thrive with various types of food. They can even go a day or two without food, (not that we advise it) but it is commonly seen especially with beginners to forget a day of feeding them.

They love consistent water temperatures of around 10-29 degrees Celsius.

Fun fact: If you have a mixed-gender of guppies, this species quickly breeds and increases population. We advise you to therefore keep their male-to-female ratios regulated. Do them a favor and provide a 10 to 20-gallon sized tank with hiding places for them.


Fresh Water Fish Mollies

Growing to just about 3 to 4 inches long with low temperament levels, Mollies make a perfect choice of freshwater fish for sale. A well-lit 20-gallon tank size full of plants to snack on will do just fine.

The fish is inexpensive and its playful and hardy nature will make it quickly fit into its new home; your aquarium.

Their omnivore nature allows them to feed comfortably in plants, small animals as well as flakes and veggie pellets. They will fancy other peaceful species as tank mates.

Mollies make perfect tank cleaners as they love to nibble on algae and play on the tank substrate at the bottom, loosening up dirt trapped down there to be filtered.


With its ancestral roots in the Amazon region, the pleco is a well-renowned species mainly from its look of heavily armored body plates. This is a fast-selling species in the aquatic market because of its cheapness and passive temperament that allows it to co-exist with other species in the tank.

Even though it is rather small at its early stages of life, the pleco grows large up to 30 inches worth of length to sustain the over 20-year life span it has. You, therefore, have to be careful when selecting its tank; a 30+ gallons tank will do.

The fish has a suckermouth which tends to be useful in cleaning algae from your tank. Some people misjudge their precious love for algae as the only food they should consume, which is not the case.

The species are omnivores and just like any other species of fish, they should be fed a nutritious and consistent diet. Plecos don’t mind being kept with other species or those of their own.


betta fish

Bettas attract beginners and enthusiasts courtesy of their vibrant looks. They are small and will do well in your nano aquascape. Even though they are very calm and peaceful, it is advisable not to keep two males of this species together.

They however live well with other peaceful species. Being omnivores, they eat pretty much everything including plants, flakes, and small animals.

In Summary…

There you have it; freshwater fish for sale and the top 5 species that we recommend. Go get your favorite!

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