Fluval Bug Bites Review

Fluval Bug Bites Review

If you are a fish keeper, you must have heard about Fluval bug bites. So many fish keepers have been talking about bug bites with most of them saying how much it has helped their fish.

I am not the type of person who is always ready to jump in on any new trend that is out but I was curious when I first heard of Fluval bug bites. 

Fluval Bug Bites Tropical formula

 .After doing some research, I realized that Fluval bug bites could be a game-changer when it comes to fish food. Fluval bug bites have so many nutrients that are needed by fish to grow and remain healthy.

I also realized that they are a natural source of nutrients. Based on my findings, I have provided you with a comprehensive Fluval bug bites review.

To make it easier for fish keepers to understand the whole concept of bug bites, I have provided you with important information about Fluval bug bites. If you are interested in knowing about Fluval bug bites, this article will help you understand what Fluval bug bites are, what they are made of and why you should include them in your fish diet.

The article will let you know if the publicity surrounding Fluval bug bites is worth your time or you should just focus your energy on other things.

What are Fluval Bug Bites?

Fluval Bug Bites
How they look like.

Fluval bug bite is a popular food alternative for fish that is gaining so much popularity today. The bug bites do not contain any artificial preservatives, fillers or color.

Fluval bug bites mostly contain natural and safe ingredients, making them one of the best alternative food sources for fish. The bug bites are available in different variations depending on the type of fish you keep.  

Fish keepers can also get a formula for bottom-feeders. The bug bite formula comes in two forms; granules and pellets. Granules bug bites are slow-sinking thus they suspend towards the surface and middle, while the pellets bug bites sink and are therefore suitable for fish that are bottom feeders.

Are Fluval Bug Bites Safe for Fish?

Insects and bugs have long been a source of food for fish in the wild. They contain a wild range of nutrients that your fish needs to remain healthy. Feeding bug bites to your fish is safe.

Some experts claim that bug bites are safer to feed your fish than your regular fish food pellets. 

The bug bites do not contain preservatives, color or added flavor and are natural. It is their nutritional value and the fact that they are natural that makes most fish keepers opt for Fluval bug bites.

Types of Fluval Bug Bites

Bug bites are made using Black Soldier Fly Larvae as the main ingredient.

The fly larvae are raised on human-grade fruits and vegetables to provide several “superfood” benefits unlike in any other ordinary insect. The Fluval bug bites are divided into 4 categories for some of the most popular tropical fish. 

The 4 types of bug bites are; Tropical, Cichlid, Goldfish and Bottom Feeder. We have further discussed each type of bug bite below to help you understand what to expect from each type of bug bite formula.

1) Fluval Bug Bites Tropical Formula

The Fluval bug bite tropical formula comes in two variants, Slow Sinking Micro Granule for small to medium tropical fish and Slow Sinking Granules for medium to large tropical fish.

The main difference between the two variants is the size of the granules. The Slow Sinking Micro Granules measure 0.7-1.0 mm and the Slow Sinking Granules measure 1.4-1.6 mm. 

The Fluval bug bites ingredients found in the tropical bug bites for medium to large fish are dried soldier black larvae, peas, concentrated fish protein, salmon and potato.

The formula has 40% of dried soldier black larvae, which is a rich source of protein for your fish. It also contains salmon which is rich in fatty acids, complex amino acids, and concentrated protein. 

The Fluval bug bite tropical formula has an appealing taste to fish and it is easily digestible. The formula is made in small batches for maximum quality control and to preserve freshness. You can get the bug bite variants in 45g quantity.

2) Fluval Bug Bites Cichlid Formula

The Flavul bug bites Cichlid Formula is available in two types, Slow Sinking Granules for small to medium cichlids and Slow Sinking Pellets for medium to large cichlids.

The granule size of Fluval bug bites measure 1.4mm to 1.6 mm and the pellets measure 5-7 mm. The ingredients found in the formula are dried soldier black larvae, green peas, salmon, concentrated fish protein and potato. 

The Cichlid Formula is high in protein since it offers your fish 40% of dried soldier black larvae. It also contains salmon and concentrated fish protein. The fish food is highly palatable and it is also easy to digest.

The granules and the pellets are slow sinking thus the fish at any depth can get food to eat. The granules of bug bites are available in a 45g container while the pellets are available in 100g quantity.

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3) Fluval Bug Bites Goldfish Formula

The Fluval bug bites Goldfish Formula also comes in Slow Sinking Granules for slow to medium goldfish and Slow Sinking Pellets for medium to large goldfish. The granules bug bites are a standard size of 1.4-1.6 mm while the pellets are in the size of 5-7mm.

The main ingredients found in the granules bug bites are dried black soldier larvae, wheat, salmon, pea protein concentrate and calcium carbonate. 

Dried black soldier larvae provide fish with a rich source of protein. Salmon offers amino acids and fatty acids to boost the health of your fish. The Fluval bug bite fish food is designed to provide your goldfish with a balanced diet. It is highly palatable and easily digested by the fish.

The goldfish formula is 100% natural and does not contain any artificial preservatives, fillers or colors. The granules bites are available in 45g and the pellets are available in 100g.

4) Fluval Bug Bites Bottom Feeder Formula

The Fluval bug bites bottom feeder formula also known as Fluval bug bites pleco comes in Sinking Granules for small to medium bottom feeders and Sinking Sticks for medium to large bottom plecos.

The granule bites measure 1.4-1.6 mm and the sticks measure 17-20 mm for medium to large bottom feeders. The formula is made of dried black soldier larvae, wheat, salmon, green peas and potato. 

It contains 40% of dried black soldier larvae which has important nutrients needed by fish to thrive and meet their overall nutritional needs. Wheat is not only a rich source of carbohydrates to provide the fish with energy but it is also a good source of fiber. It is a fibre-rich formula that is easily digestible and has a pleasing taste. 

The Fluval bug bite pleco formula is made to meet the nutritional needs of bottom feeders fish. The granules bug bites for bottom feeder fish are available in 45g containers and the stick bites come in 130g packets.

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The whole idea of Fluval bug bites is trying to give your fish a more natural nutrient source and limiting the number of artificial ingredients in your fish diet.

The Fluval bug bites contain natural ingredients that are supplemented with quality protein and carbohydrate sources. The food formula is designed to create a well-balanced fish food that fishes love and will benefit from. 

It is a protein-rich diet that together with your regular fish food can provide your fish with a broad spectrum of nutrients they need to grow. Fluval bug bites are a new thing but gaining popularity due to their many benefits and nutritional values it provides to fish. If you have not tried out the Fluval bug bites for your fish, you should consider trying them out. 

We understand that it can be a bit scary to try out a new form of diet for your fish since you do not know how the fish will react. If you still feel unsure, you can consult with a fish veterinarian. It is also important for you to start feeding your fish with small amounts of Fluval bug bites when starting off and gradually increase the amount. 

When purchasing your Fluval bug bites, ensure that you get them from a reputable brand. This can help you ensure that the product is quality and also safe for your fish.

You can also breed your black soldier larvae but you need the right skills to ensure that the larvae are clean and safe to be eaten by your fish. It might be easier and cheaper for you to buy Fluval bug bites than trying to breed and make your own bug bites

We do hope that you have found this Fluval Bug Bites Review article to be informative and helpful if you are looking forward to introducing bug bites to your fish.

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