eHeim Fish Feeder

The eHeim Fish Feeder | Automatic Fish Feeder 

The eHeim Fish feeder allows you to program how often your food will be fed and the amount of food they will receive. Manual feeding of Fish has a lot of drawbacks since it can also become a mundane task to perform daily.

On the other hand, you will not be able to feed the fish while you are away from home. In order to overcome the hassle or frustration associated with such situations, you should seriously consider spending some money to purchase an automatic fish feeder.

Its auto programing serves your fish the proper amounts of food regularly at set intervals. This eliminates the waste of excess food that would otherwise just drop down the bottom of the tank, providing an ideal environment for the growth of Algae, cultivation of toxic bacteria and the fouling of the water in the tank.

The eHeim Fish Feeder is ideal for the following sample situations:

  • If one has a busy schedule and they are likely to forget to feed the Fish
  • When you are going to be away for an extended period.
  • When the care of the fish is to be handled by children and the elderly
  • Where the aquarium is set up in an office or other business premises which occasionally may be closed for one day or more, especially at weekends and Holidays.

What is the eHeim automatic fish feeder?

The eHeim automatic fish feeder comes along with a rotating container. While using this rotating container, you will be able to program the feeding times of your fish accordingly.

Then you will be able to keep on feeding fish, while the drum is rotating. Along with that, you can easily dispense fish food into the aquarium. The entire process is automated and you don’t need to worry about it at all.

What are the features of eHeim Fish Feeder ?

You can find many different fish feeders out there in the market. Out of those different options, the eHeim Fish Feeder has received a lot of interest. That’s because it can provide better features when compared to the other products available in the market.

Here are some of the most prominent features that you can get out of this generator.

1. You can dispense any type of food

Fish that you have in the fish tank are picky with what they consume. Therefore, you will not be able to provide any kind of food to the fish. For example, your fish would prefer to consume specific foods such as crumbles, flakes, frozen dried foods and pellets.

Regardless of the food that your fish like, you will be able to dispense them through this automatic fish feeder. It can provide an impressive experience to you.

However, it is important to keep in mind that eHeim Fish Feeder has been specifically formulated to dispense foods such as crumbles, flakes, pellets and the other popular fish food varieties that you can find out there in the market.

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You can find more details about it on the eHeim fish feeder manual.

2. Easy to program

You don’t need to have any tech skills in order to learn how to use eHeim Fish Feeder. That’s because it can provide you with user-friendly programming options.

The eHeim feeder instructions will provide you with details on what you should follow to program it according to your specific requirements. All you have to do is to follow those instructions and get the job done.

One of the most impressive features that you can see in eHeim Fish Feeder is that it can be used to provide food to your fish up to 8 different times per day.

Even though you don’t practically need to provide food to the fish 8 times a day, you will be able to receive such a high level of flexibility out of it.

3. Manual operation

If you come across the need to feed your fish manually, eHeim Fish Feeder will be able to help you with that as well. You can easily switch this feeder to run in manual mode. In fact, you just need to press a button and you can get the job done.

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4. Assistance with portioning

People who use eHeim Fish Feeder are provided with the opportunity to determine how much food has to be dispensed every single time.

In order to help you with that, a small sliding door is found on the drum barrel. You can easily slide it and adjust the amount of food that is released by the feeder. If you want to feed more food, all you have to do is to open it. You can get a bigger capacity.

This eHeim automatic feeding unit will be able to provide you with a better capacity than the other automatic fish feeders available out there in the market. This can provide excellent assistance, especially when you stay away from your home for an extended duration of time.

You will be able to use it to hold fish food for a duration of up to six weeks. Hence, you don’t need to worry about anything when you stay away from home for a longer duration of time.

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5. It is durable

The eHeim automatic feeding unit is a durable product as well. When you are purchasing an automatic fish feeder, you expect it to function for a longer period of time. This functionality will be offered to you by eHeim Fish Feeder.

That’s mainly because the manufacturer has used high-quality components for its production. Even the electronic components involved with the system are obtained from the most trusted brands out there.

6. eHeim Fish Feeder Manual

The manual that comes with the unit has clear eHeim Feeder Instructions provided to you in an easy-to-understand format on how to set it up and this makes it fairly easy to set up the feeder without the need to seek the assistance of an expert.

As you can see the eHeim Automatic Feeding Unit is one of the best automatic fish feeders that you can find out there in the market. It will offer you a smooth and effective performance with great value for your money as the product is reasonably priced.

This information should help you make an informed decision before spending your hard money and your Fish will definitely thank you for it.


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