Emergency First responders

The Evacsak Essential

Fire Department Personnel, Law Enforcement Personnel, Animal Control Officers, Disaster Response Rescuers, Wildlife Rescuers

People love animals. The bond that they share is undeniable. When an animal is in peril, first-responders are called upon to save the day! And they answer the call with courage and dedication.


Communities are taking more ownership and embracing the realities of emergency and disaster animal rescue but these dedicated and trained individuals need tools to help them save lives and remain safe.   ​


As a professional, trained in emergency response, it is not in your nature to turn away from a person or animal in need and often, the two go hand in hand. You protect and serve, you run into burning buildings, navigate floodwaters and you care for people when they are at their most vulnerable. When an animal is involved in the scenario, something as simple as a carrier can make all the difference in keeping everyone safe and on-task. ​


Here at Evac Pet, we are proud to offer you a functional pet carrier that will help you safely handle, temporarily house and transport the small animals that cross your path. A pet carrier is one of the most essential tools in protecting a vulnerable animal but standard carriers are bulky, time-consuming to assemble and not conducive to emergency response.  


The Evacsak Essential is an emergency carrier for small animals. It is compact when stored, simple to load and carry and the design allows you to remain hands-free so you can more easily balance, carry multiple pets, open doors and navigate stairs or rubble, There is no assembly required. ​


Your community and the animals appreciate your rescue support!


Thank you for not leaving the animals behind! ​


The Evacsak product line is proudly made in the USA