7 Best Bow Front Aquarium – UPDATED 2022

Nothing can better complement your drawing room than a beautiful aquarium with graceful fishes. A nice bow front aquarium can add a unique touch to your living area.

These aquariums have a distinct curved front that gives a stunning view of the pets inside. This aesthetic difference makes these fish tanks so popular among hobbyists. 

The main benefit of getting a bow front aquarium is the fresh feel it brings. It is unique and distinctive and makes the hobby feel great.

It also gives a different view of the interior as compared to what you get with a flat front. It looks bigger and more attractive. An eye-catching fish tank can certainly add charm to an interior.

The unique shape of the bow front acts like a magnifier for the outside and gives a feeling of distance and space to the fish inside. This would make them feel safer. 

Bow front aquariums are available in various size options to choose from. To make it easier to select, we have compiled a collection of some of the best bow front aquariums.

We also provide the features, pros and cons of each of these products to help you choose the one that fits your needs. 

Best Bow Front Aquarium

1. Aqueon LED Mini Bow Fronted Fish Tank Starter Kit

Aqueon LED Mini Bow Fronted Fish Tank

The acrylic mini bow front tank is a classic choice for any home and comes in multiple size options to suit your requirements. It features an elevated base and cutting-edge modern design that makes it a worthy choice. 

The kit includes a filtration system and cartridge. It also has an incandescent bulb and even food samples.

Moreover, this aquarium is extremely simple to set up and easily removable for cleaning. The lid has a feeding hole to let you feed the fish conveniently. It also incorporates a low-profile hood.


  • Size options for flexibility
  • Includes a manual that makes assembly easy 
  • Easy maintenance
  • Ideal for small spaces
  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable


  • The power supply should be taken care of
  • Pump is sensitive

2. SeaClear Bow Front Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set


An excellent fish tank to get started with, the SeaClear bow fronted aquarium includes a light fixture and reflector into the hood to keep the tank lighted. It is a fully functional combo that gives you everything you want. 

As it is made out of acrylic, it makes sure you don’t have to deal with scratching. Apart from this, it gives a crystal clear view of the aqua pets inside.

Its bow front design makes it look attractive. It is also lightweight and strong and can handle freshwater as well as salt water. As it is quite durable, it is a great choice for homes with four-legged pets and kids.


  • Much clearer and lighter than glass
  • No sharp edges hence aesthetically pleasing
  • Acrylic maintains temperature better
  • Highly durable and long-lasting
  • Can be easily customized


  • The light fixture is not so powerful
  • A partial hood can make cleaning complicated
  • You may have to get a filter

3. Tetra Half Moon Aquarium Kit

Tetra half moon

A small, pretty fish tank with a half-moon design, the Tetra bow front aquarium has a bowed front and flat back. It has a transparent lid, LED lighting system and a 50W heater that keeps the fish comfortable even if you live in colder places. 

Its capacity is 10 gallons and can hold several tetras or bettas and even a few mollies. The frameless top edge enables unobstructed view.

A unique whisper filtration system ensures the water is always clear. It offers a 180-degree seamless view, adding to the charm of your living space.


  • Suits a wide range of fish
  • Unique design for an attractive look
  • Easy viewing and improved interaction
  • Filter and heater included
  • A compact footprint means it suits smaller spaces
  • A clear lid ensures proper viewing


  • As it is taller than wider, fish options can be limited
  • The lid can be confused for packing material

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4. Fluval Bow Front Aquarium Kit

Fluval bow front

An aquarium kit that offers a lot of options for beginners as well as experts, the Fluval bow front aquarium is one of the best picks for a quality product. This brand is known for high-quality products and this aquarium kit makes a great option for fishkeeping. 

The Premium kit comes with a low-profile canopy LED light that disperses 1470 lumens for convenient fish viewing. The powerful power filter has a 5-stage filtration system and a submersible M heater has shock-resistant glass and mirror technology.

It also includes a manual and complimentary protein-rich sample food for the fish.


  • Hi-tech construction and design
  • The low-profile canopy and LED lights make it easy to use
  • Powerful canister filter filtration system 
  • The heater has shock-resistant glass
  • Kit includes everything to get started
  • 5-stage filtration is groundbreaking


  • No night light included
  • Somewhat heavy 
  • Pump and LEDs can heat up the tank

5. Penn Plax Twin Betta Bow Front Kit

Penn Plax bow front aquarium

A fish tank that offers much in one package, the Penn Plax is a dual-compartment kit for your home. It not only promises a clear view of the aquatic animals due to acrylic material but also provides Pro-V crystals to absorb waste.

It also comes with a filter grid that makes maintenance easy and quick. It even includes plant pins to keep the plants in place. 

The divided compartment lets you keep your betta conveniently as you get two tanks in one. There is also a bottom drain that facilitates quick water changes.

This kit is a great choice for somebody who is starting out with a pair of bettas. It is a great tank with a bow front to keep the interior magnified. You also get some gravel so that you can go ahead with your hobby.

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  • The filter grid makes it unique among similar tanks
  • An automatic water release cap makes water changing easy
  • Dividers can be detached to increase space
  • Facilitates easy transportation of fish
  • Suits betta owners who want to keep different types of fish as tank mates


  • Space can be dissatisfactory for some
  • A standalone filter is not provided
  • Decorations might not be safe

6. Hygger Horizon LED Glass Aquarium Kit

Hygger Aquarium

An interesting pick for a small aquarium, the Hygger 8-gallon tank is quite beautiful and perfect for those who want something luxurious at an affordable price.

This kit comes with some exciting features that make it ideal for fish that love planted waters and rocky surfaces. 

The wide curve shape changes the view of the aquarium and holds more water. Beautiful LED lighting looks quite stunning.

An outstanding feature is the 3D rocky background of the tank. The fishes would feel they are swimming in an ocean. The filter is powerful and reliable.


  • An affordable pick
  • Light is programmable and brightness can be adjusted
  • Multi-colored LED lights are amazing
  • Rocky ledge appeals to viewers as well as fish
  • Durable and realistic
  • The filter pump is adjustable


  • Artificial rock surfaces can be hard to clean
  • Not suitable for every type of fish

7. FREESEA bowed front Fish Tank

Freesea tank

This tiny aquarium kit is all you need to spice up your home or office. It is a beautiful fish tank with a compact size and outstanding clarity.

If this is your first fish tank, the FREESEA bowed front aquarium would be the right choice. It is efficient and affordable and is sure to win everybody’s hearts. The filtration system is powerful and keeps the pets safe inside the tank.

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  • Easy to use and maintain
  • The compact size means it can fit anywhere
  • Value for money
  • Pump is quiet
  • Lighting is perfect


  • Somewhat aggressive for certain fish

These are some of the best picks for bow-front fish tanks you can consider. We hope this guide helps you get the right equipment for your fishkeeping hobby.


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