Best Fish Food for Bettas

Best Fish Food for Bettas

What is the best fish food for bettas? This is one of the most important questions if you need to have the best experience and care for your bettas.

Let’s start off with a comprehensive list of the best foods.

Best Fish Food for Bettas

1. Omega One Betta Food

Omega One Betta Food is known for fish immunity, it’s made from Omega 3 & 6 rich salmon and herring which are effective in disease reduction in fish.

Meal-free nutrition is also important for betta foods, these foods are made from fresh cold water proteins that bind together for a clean aquarium even after feeding the bettas. The food has natural colouring called beta-carotenes for fish colour restoration.


  • High-protein bettas food. 
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals
  • Natural fish colour enhancement
  • Freeze-dried
  • 55% proteins/ 3%  crude fat / 5% maximum crude fibre / 5%maximum moisture
  • Naturally insoluble


  • Rich protein, vitamin and minerals food
  • Freeze-dried to eliminate the risk of bacteria and parasites
  • Reduced water pollution


  • They don’t float making it hard to monitor

2. Hikari Beta Bio-Gold

Betta Bio-Gold, one of the best fish food for bettas is made to meet the nutritional requirements of bettas.

These floating pellets are not only easy to monitor but will also ensure that there is no water pollution. Floating also prevents overfeeding. The food is rich in natural colour enhancers.


  • Floating pellets for easy monitoring
  • Rich in Colour Enhancers
  • Vitamin C for improved immunity


  • Easy monitoring to prevent overfeeding and water quality problems
  • Improves the health and healthy life of the bettas


  • Water quality problems may be there but are highly reduced.


3. Ocean Nutrition Atison’s Betta Food

Ocean Nutrition Atison’s Betta Food is a nutrient-complete and high-quality pellet food for bettas. The food enhances fish colour without clouding the water.

Feeding procedures

  • 7 pellets twice daily factoring in the size of the bettas and water temperature
  • Gently place the pellets on the water surface
  • The food should be stored in a cool and dry fish 
  • After opening the food should be used within 6 months 


  • Floating pellet
  • Natural Colour enhancer without water clouding
  • Nutrient complete food for the betta


  • Rich in nutrients
  • Enhances the natural colour of the fish
  • Proven to be an ideal bettas food after extensive tests


  • Goes bad after 6 months of opening

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4. Fluval Bug Bites Betta with Shrimp

This is an insect-based formulation Betta food. It has up to 40% nutrient-rich Black Soldier Fly Larvae. It enhances the immunity of the bettas thanks to Omega 3 and 6.

The Bites are easy to digest. They are also slow sinking to allow feeding at different depths.


  • Black Soldier Fly Larvae nutrients
  • Omega 3 and 6 rich
  • Easily digestible
  • Slow sinking


  • Enhances immunity


  • Doesn’t float

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Types of Foods for Bettas

There are different types of Bettas foods.

  • Flakes-they are popular and very affordable. Flakes are nutritious and float on the surface of the water making it easy to monitor and reduce pollution of the water. Most have natural colour enhancers that don’t cloud the water. The best flakes should be rich in nutrients such as proteins, minerals, and vitamins.
  • Pellets- they are also very popular for bettas feeding, rich in nutritional needs. Floating makes it easy to monitor and eliminates overfeeding. Floating also helps in maintaining water quality. They also have natural colouring enhancers for your fish.
  • Freeze Dried Food– these foods don’t have moisture and have great levels of nutrients for your fish.

How to Feed Betta Fish

  • The first step is ensuring you feed the right amounts of food, this prevents overfeeding, water clouding, and water pollution. The food should not be bigger than the size of its eyeball. Most feeding it’s done either once or twice a day.
  • If you notice the fish is not feeding, reduce the content for example if you have been feeding the fish 4 pellets reduce to three and if gets back to feeding quickly you can go back to 4, Any unfed food should be removed from the aquarium or tank to prevent built up of bacteria which can have devastating effects on your fish.
  • Bettas should be fed regularly and with a variety of food, this ensures that your fish gets the needed nutrients for growth and healthy living, we have listed above some of the best fish food for bettas, they are rich in nutrients, easy to monitor and natural colour enhancers.
  • Purchase of an Automatic Fish feeder, Fish mate F14 is a great choice, is also recommended if have a busy schedule as it will keep your fish well nourished.

Choosing the Best Fish Food for Bettas

Ingredients- The best fish food for Bettas are rich in nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, and minerals. For healthy fish and improved immunity, one of the ingredients to look for is Omega which can be found in superfoods like salmon and herring.

Color Enhancement– Bettas Food should have natural color enhancers for the fish without water clouding. The best have beta-carotenes which restore the true colors of the fish and as w know bettas are very beautiful fish thanks to their colors.

Life– it’s important to consider the life of the food after opening the packaging, the bets should be able last up to 6 months when stored in cool and dry places

Tank and Aquarium Care– When getting bettas food, ensure that the food is insoluble for reduced water pollution, the food should have lower levels of starch to eliminate the build-up of bacteria and parasites which can have bad effects on the fish and whole tank ecosystem

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Guide and Instructions– the best feeds for bettas have instructions on how to use, the feeding intervals and amounts. These help in preventing overfeeding, water clouding or even fish poisoning which can be caused by excess food in the water which results in bacterial and parasites.

Blue Betta

The best food for a betta fish should be rich in nutrients for the fish and friendly to the tank and fish ecosystem.

Before feeding the fish make sure to go through the provided instructions on feeding and taking care of your bettas. The most important considerations are ingredients, natural color enhancement, insoluble food and availability of feeding instructions.


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