Aquaponics Fish Tank | Here are our 6 favourite tanks

Aquaponics fish tank offers a favorable habitat for your plants and fish while using minimum effort in maintenance.

Whether you are a hobbyist or an aquarist looking for an aquaponic tank to grow your plants and at the same time have favorable conditions for your fish, then you have landed on the right page. 

We have extensively reviewed the best aquaponics tanks that never disappoint. Also, we have provided you with information on how you can make your aquaponics tank at home, the right plants, and fish to put in it as well as giving insights on the kits and different designs available.

The Best Aquaponics Fish Tanks

1. Penn Plax 0.5 Gallon Aquaponic Betta Fish Tank

The Penn Plax 0.5-gallon fish tank will enhance the beauty of your home while encouraging a general responsibility of your family including kids to take care of your fish.

This tank has been wisely designed to promote suitable conditions for your fish and plant.

The aquaponic planter and ideal fish habitat will ensure that the environment of your fish is always clean. It also encourages a good symbiosis between the plant and your fish. If you are a great fan of the Betta fish, then this tank is for you. A goldfish will also do great in this tank.


  • Enhances beauty in any room
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Relatively easy to set up
  • Kids love taking care of it
  • Ideal for betta fish and goldfish


  • Some leakages have been reported (This won’t be an issue if you purchase it from the right stores)

2. Back to the Roots Water Garden Self-Cleaning Fish Tank

Do you love glowing beautiful rooms? Then the Back to the Roots self-cleaning tank is here to save the day. This tank adds beauty to anything it touches.

It is easy to set up, maintain, and clean. It facilitates a healthy living habitat for most plants and herbs as well as the betta, cloud minnow, and even goldfish

The scaled-down hydroponics is a nice feature of this tank. It also makes an amazing gift from friends and family.

If you are more into growing your herbs and microgreens indoors due to the lack of suitable conditions outside, then this tank will suit you.


  • Self-cleaning hence easy to maintain
  • It’s a great gift idea
  • Ideal for creating a mini-ecosystem indoors
  • A quality product made in the USA


  • The pump does not last that long

3. Penn Plax 1.4 Gallon Aquaponic Betta Fish Tank

This tank is ideal for aquarists and urban gardeners interested in aquaponics without complicated setups. It provides a great habitat for both fish and plants to symbiotically benefit from each other.

Kids love this tank simply because of its beauty and educational environment. You can be certain that this tank will beautify any room and space in your house.

It also comes in two sizes for your picking based on your preference; a 1.4 and a 5-gallon tank to choose from.

Although there are some instances where fish jump out of the tank from the holes, generally this tank is a quality product. Here is the icing on the cake; it has a 100% money-back guarantee.


  • Easy to set up and maintain
  • Comes as a complete package in the box
  • Gives your fish and plants a healthy environment
  • Great tank for small fish


  • A few cases of fish jumping out of the holes

4. Sweetsea Hanging Wall-Mounted Aquaponic Fish Bowl

The Sweetsea Hanging Wall-Mounted Aquaponic Fish Bowl is simply beautiful. This well-decorated item is not only eye-fixing but also functional.

This wall-mounted bowl is a great choice for hobbyists and aquarists who crave an easy-to-maintain habitat for their small fish and plants indoors.

Most kids learn easier practically. So why not spread the gospel of environmental awareness through this amazing aquaponics tank?

Beginners also love this tank as it requires less maintenance while offering ideal habitat for fish such as goldfish and betta fish.

This fishbowl has been designed using durable acrylic, making it a heavy-duty performing option that will last for a long time. The box has all the accessories you will need including radiant nails, long nails, and the wall-mounted fishbowl.

You may experience leakage issues after several years, but nothing to worry about.


  • A great choice for people with small rooms
  • Durable
  • A decorative item
  • Provides a suitable environment for fish and plants


  • Some leakage issues after several years

5. AquaSprouts Garden 10 Gallon Aquaponic Fish Tank

The AquaSprouts Garden 10-gallon fish tank is an awesome choice for beginners that need an easy-to-maintain tank to provide a favorable habitat for their fish and plants.

This tank has a small solid compact nature. This is why it makes a perfect choice for offices, rooms, and even geography classes.

I have seen it being used in many environmental awareness conferences. I guessed it’s because it provides a good symbiotic relationship between plants and fish.

Also if you want to grow several plants in the comfort of your room, this fish tank would make all your dreams possible. It can fit in a 10-gallon aquarium for quarantine and educative purposes.

You will only purchase one box containing your fish tank and all the accessories you will need including a pump, timer, light bar, grow media, resources, garden, and grow media.


  • Installing and maintaining is easy
  • Able to grow several plants in it
  • Great gift choice
  • All accessories are included in the box


  • Not so durable

Aquaponics Fish Tank DIY Five Simple Steps

best aquaponic fish tank

Many hobbyists these days are so into these tanks, and all for good reason. These tanks allow you to grow all your favorite plants while providing a favorable environment for your fish with minimum cleaning and maintenance required.

These fish tanks add beauty to any room while making you happy from all the fun of looking at your beautiful fish and plants. These tanks use a natural system to clean the water therefore minimum maintenance is needed.

However, purchasing a pre-made aquaponics system is quite expensive. This does not mean you cannot enjoy all these benefits of an aquaponic tank.

You can simply make your own at home! The results of making an aquaponics set up at home are creative and diverse ranging from simple ones to advanced high-tech powered aquaponics.

Here is an easy way of setting up your aquaponic tank in just five simple steps!

Step One: Set up your Fish Tank

Just like keeping fish in a normal aquarium, you should consider all the safe practices of fishkeeping. The space of your tank will vary depending on the species of fish you are keeping.

You can make use of a standard acrylic aquarium if you are making a small tank. You will need a stronger material such as a large barrel or a food-grade container with opaque sides if you are considering keeping larger species of fish.

Don’t forget to keep in mind the obvious housekeeping rules for any aquarium—dechlorinating the water and cycling it for 4 to 6 weeks to allow bacteria to build up. These bacteria will come in handy in breaking down wastes from your fish to feed the plants.

Don’t forget to include a pump to help with the circulation of water from the tank to the plants and back again.

Step Two: Build Your Media Bed

You can build the media bed for your plants to grow on either above the fish tank or beside it. Here, you can use a large heavy-duty plastic tray or a wooden pallet crate. Build this on a strong stand that will sustain the bed’s weight.

Once the media bed is done, fill it with the media of your choice. Clay pebbles are a great choice as they hold moisture well and are pH neutral hence won’t affect your water.

Step Three: Add the Fish

It is now time to add in your precious fish.

Step Four: Add the Plants

Leafy plants grow best in aquaponic fish tank setups. You can also incorporate fruiting plants if you have enough fish to supply them with the required nutrients.

It’s a good idea to plant seedlings instead of seeds to give your plants a little head start. Ensure the roots are submerged in the water to reach out for nutrients.

Step Five: Maintain Your System

Maintaining an aquaponic fish is probably the easiest of all the five steps. Just ensure that you feed your fish quality food and check the water parameters such as nitrates and pH to ensure they are stable.

Best of luck setting up your own aquaponics tank!

Aquaponic Fish Tank Design

There are many different designs of aquaponic fish tanks. Some are simple and easy to set up, while others are highly advanced and require some skill to set up. Let us look at what a simple tank design looks like.

In general, these tanks will consist of a fish tank and a grow bed for nurturing aquaponic plants. Some more complex systems may include sumps, water reservoirs, sediment filters, and bio-filters.

Grow beds also come in different designs to suit different shapes and sizes of aquaponic tanks.

Here are the three most common designs:

1. Deep Water Culture Set Up

The deep-water culture setup, also referred to as raft-based growing, makes use of a floating foam raft.

This set-up is mostly used for commercial purposes. It allows plant roots to be submerged in the water to collect nutrients from the wastes produced by the fish.

2. Nutrient Film Set Up

This method is great for plants such as legumes that do not require any support when growing. It involves collecting the water from the fish tank through narrow tubes especially PVC with holes drilled from the top.

The roots of the plants are then dangled through the holes where they can enrich themselves with the nutrients present.

This setup is ideal for areas where there is adequate ground space because the setup can be run across walls or even hang on ceilings.

3. Media Bed Set Up

Plants here are grown in a certain type of media such as clay or pebbles. It normally sits at the top or next to the fish tank.

The aquarium pump is used to draw water from the fish tank and feed the plants. After plants are drawn the nutrients they require, the water is then filtered and channeled back to the fish tank.

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Many growers prefer to use this method in their homes as it is simple and easy to use.

Best Plants for Aquaponics Fish Tank

Interested in growing your food at the comfort of your living room? These tanks are a great choice of tank to have in your home.

Plants play an important role in an aquaponics system by cleaning wastes produced by fish in your tank as well as supplying fresh oxygen for your fish.

Plants that require lower nutritional inputs like greens and herbs are best if you are using a small, less nutrient-dense system. These plants make great ingredients for salads and sandwiches. These plants include:

  • Lettuce
  • Mint
  • Basil
  • Pak choi
  • Wheatgrass
  • Swiss chard
  • Watercress
  • Arugula

Larger aquaponics systems can be used to grow the above plants as well as larger plants. Some of these enormous aquaponics are too big that they get to be stored in greenhouses.

You can do this if you have sufficient space in your backyard. Some larger plants grown here include:

  • Tomatoes
  • Soy
  • Peas
  • Broccoli
  • Squash
  • Cauliflower

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Best fish for aquaponics fish tank

Several fish species love the aquaponics tank. Fish in an aquaponics tank are the main supplier of nutrients to your plants. Therefore, having the correct choice of both plants and fish is important.

There are quite many fish that can thrive well in an aquaponics tank depending on the climate, temperature, size, and space of your tank as well as the fish diet.

Small Fish are often a great choice for smaller tanks. Some of them include the comet goldfish, betta fish, and cloud minnow. These are small fish that can fit and live happily ever after in a 1.4-gallon or 5-gallon size aquaponics tank.

In a larger aquaponics tank, you can keep tilapia, catfish, salmon, trout, and bass.

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With these great picks of the best aquaponic fish tanks we have reviewed for you, we are certain you will fall in love with one that suits your needs. We have provided information on the species of plants and fish that work great in an aquaponic tank.

When purchasing an aquaponic tank, there are certain features you need to consider such as size, shape, and material used in the design.

The features, pros, and cons of the various fish tanks discussed above will offer you sufficient information to select the right one for you. Pick your aquaponic fish tank (or rather just make your own) and lighten up your world!


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