Best 55 Gallon Fish Tank Filter

5 Best 55 Gallon Fish Tank Filter

Buying the best 55 gallon fish tank filter will require you have some knowledge about the ideal specifications for the filter.  There are different types of tank filters each suitable for particular types of fish.

They all serve the same purpose but for different applications taking into consideration varying factors such as tank size, the volume of water filtered, pet size and type. The best filters are the ones that meet the needs of your pets by ensuring the pets remain healthy by effectively keeping your tank clean.

55-gallon fish tanks are great for large pets or for keeping a large number of smaller pets in one tank. For this size of the tank, we recommend canister filters due to their compact design hence do not affect the aesthetics of your tank. But also, do ensure that you get an appropriately sized filter that can efficiently handle this water volume.

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Aquarium Volume Calculator

Aquarium volume calculator

Aquarium Volume Calculator:  In cm to litres

Many times we do encounter challenges when we want to find out the volume of our Aquarium especially when we want to choose the right canister filter for fish tank. This calculator should come in handy for that task. 

When calculating the volume of the Aquarium tank, it is important to take into consideration the actual level of the water in the tank. A tank may be large but the level of the water is frequently anywhere from 70 to 90 per cent of the height.

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The information which you calculate from this Calculator is intended for use by you as a guide only. Some rounding of the final has been done for use and therefore some minimal errors may come into play.

Most common Tank filter types:

Sponge filter

These filters are good for people who rear small-sized fish. The sponge filter performs both mechanical, chemical and biological filtration. They are noiseless and also store bacteria which is beneficial to the fish.

Power filters

They have a tube called a siphon which helps them suck water from the aquarium. By using a filter pad, the siphon tube is put at the back of the filter where you load it as filter media through a basket.

Internal filters

They stick to the aquarium glass using an airline to suck up the dirt and other debris. These Internal filters are usually small and not intrusive.

Undergravel filter

It filters aquariums without noise and is useful in breeding bacteria of great benefit for the fish. The undergravel filter as the name implies is placed below the gravel. This filter uses uplift tubes that draw the water up. The undergravel filters are best when used as secondary filters.

Canister filter

The filters are ideal for planted and saltwater aquariums. They are often used by passionate hobbyists who often own large tanks.
Canister filters aren’t fit for Small tanks containing small fish because they are so powerful in suction.

Fish tanks that are sparkling and clear are ideal for the growth of your fish. It therefore cannot be overemphasized that you must ensure you choose the right filter for your tank.

Filters are important because they separate the remains or the bacteria coming through the intake tube to the gallon. Mechanical filtration is used, the filtration by the use of a sponge filter.

Sponge filters not only perform mechanical filtration but also perform biological and chemical filtration too. Biological filtration helps to bar harmful chemicals from entering the tank.

Having looked at 5 of the top best filters, it is clear that canister filters are the best option they optimally keep the water clean. Their other additional strong points are that they are easy to set up and quite affordable in their maintenance. The Canister filters are also designed to be easy to clean.

Best 55 Gallon Fish Tank Filter- Reviews

1. Penn Place Cascade Aquarium Filter (700)

Penn Place Cascade Aquarium Filter

This filter is made up of styled pool valves making it easy to use. It also has a stunning blue color and is able to handle tanks of up to 65 gallons.

The Penn Plax Canister also performs mechanical filtration pushing the bacteria into the entrance hose. Its valves are easy to turn.

Their advantage is that they come with media that is easy to clean. Its only disadvantage is that it has a high wattage for the gallon per hour output, otherwise it is ideal for 55 Gallon fish tank filter.

2. Biopro External Canister Filter (2200 UV Unit)

Biopro External Canister Filter

The filter is grey in colour and has a UV Sterilizer. It has four filtration processes which start by filtering bacteria and finally killing them with UV light during the water cycle.

This Canister filter uses any media type. Though Installation of the UV bulb seems a bit complicated and the UV bulb can be damaged by your skin oils if you handle it with your bare hands. When cleaning the bulb also take precautions not to get it wet.

3. Fluvial External Filter (306)

The filter has a classic and strong motor. The strong pull makes the canister last longer throughout its cleanings, holding 50% of the bacteria. Take note of the delicate parts of the fluvial filter while cleaning because the hoses may easily leak.

While the Biopro has a one-year warranty, the fluvial filter has a 3 years warranty.

Fluvial External Filter

4. Hydor Professional External Canister Filter (250)

Hydor Professional External Canister Filter

This filter has been made with simple-to-use features. It has a 55-gallon tank but can be upgraded up to 75. The goodness of this filter is that it’s not that sophisticated.

It has high water flow and quick catch of the Gallon bacteria. The Hydor Filter is unique in a manner that it’s not made of extra features which in one way or another may make the user disadvantaged.

5. Marineland Magnum Polishing Internal Canister Filter

Marineland Magnum Polishing Internal Canister Filter

It also has a feature which separates bacteria from the sparkling water. It is suitable for tanks of up to 95 gallons and can be placed in the tank by use of a canister holder.

This filter is easy to set up and with its high volume capacity, it provides adequate water flow for this tank and thereby keeps the pets healthy.

The Video below, By Tetra Products, will give some safe guidelines for setting your 55 Gallon tank.


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